Touring Buffalo's Art + a DIY Project

As our city grows, so does our crew. crown started as “the core four” having a dream. Erin, Grace, Chelsey, + Sarah have spent years of hard work to get to the team we currently are. With the team growth going from four to ten in under 2.5 years, we always pay attention to how the group is evolving.

Wanting to get back to our DIY roots, we decided to take some inspiration from our home town, exploring some of its art. A lot of the murals that are near + dear to us are more well known, but some art flies under the public’s radar. We were referring a lot to this blog from Nickel City Pretty and started talking photo shoots. Many conversations were had. Many schedules were picked over. Somehow, we managed to find a three week period in which to update each other’s looks + capture these looks out in the city.

We’ve had Erin’s forever dude Chris Ferguson do some photos + videos in the past, and always want to have something creative going on. And to make the photos even more fun, Audrey came up with looks for all ten of our faces, prepping everyone for their shoot.

The following is our collection of new team portraits which are a result of an incredible crew working together. They’ll be shown in chronological order, with some fun facts on the side. (Anyone we missed linking up, just contact us!)


Chelsey @ 716 Elmwood Avenue

We just love the signature lips by Klub Weimar on the side of Bureau, overlooking Cecelia’s patio. This location has become a city staple, nestled in the heart of Elmwood Village. (Read more about this one here.)


Grace @ 223 Allen Street

The Old Pink. Flame hair, flame wall. These flames came about in 2006, when WBNY DJ Linden Tea was working overnight. The phone rang at 3am and this mural is what came out of that call. Visit this part of town, and you’ll probably also catch Bogan out on a stroll.


Audrey @ 1472 Hertel Avenue

“Lookin Good” by artist Casey Milbrand, on the side of CRāVing Restaurant, has been a huge success after his super popular “Greetings From Buffalo” one. Audrey is so lucky to live in the Hertel neighborhood, which is seeing a huge influx of art these days. (Read more about this one here.)


Elise @ 60 Alabama Street

Elise loves the OFW, so we went near Gene’s + the Barrel Factory for these shots. This wall was painted in 2014 by Vinnie Alejandro and “Yames”. (Read more about this one here.)


Cara @ 233 Allen

“The first of many murals by the Allen St. Street Art Collective, this one was especially fascinating in that the artist never actually touched any of the materials used in the painting of this mural. Ian De Beer, who was convicted of vandalism crimes from graffiti art in New York City, was not allowed to possess or touch any graffiti materials as part of his probation. So, instead, he drew the piece at home, had it made into a projection image, and then projected the entire piece onto the side of Holley Farm Market at night! His assistants painted the projected image on to the wall while hundreds watched. De Beer described it as almost a “theatrical event.’” -Scout Buffalo (Read more about this one here.)


Karen @ 617 Fillmore Avenue

Wrocław, Poland–based artist Otecki (Wojciech Kołacz) has created “Work and Play” in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood as part of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Public Art Initiative in 2018. Buffalo is home to the second largest Polish population in the United States. This moment was captured just as the sky opened up and poured down on us all! (Read more about this one here.)


Sarah @ MJ. Rose - 1413 Hertel Avenue

The Hickey are a creative powerhouse. We switched it up with this shot to feature an Untitled work by James. Oil, spray paint, and acrylic hide a map from South Africa within. He’s been working with mixed medi1a for years, and you can always find an evolving collection of art (his as well as others) over at MJ. Rose!


Marissa @ 505 Main Street

Marissa chose the little outdoor gallery tucked in between 505 + 515 Main Street. The work by assumed name “Picasso in Buffalo” features a Buffalo, where Picasso sometimes depicted himself as a bull. The sign speaks Picasso’s own words: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” The other side of this alley features a 2012 collaboration between Ogre, Chuck Tingley, and Max Collins. (Read more about this wall here.)

Katie @ 515 Main Street

One of Katie’s favorite murals in the city is Chuck Tingley’s underwater dive scene. Created in 2012, this one is extra fun because you can get up on the fire escape for a photo op. It’s also right next to the epic dragon design on the back of Misuta Chow’s. (Read more about this one here.)


Erin @ 1669 Hertel Avenue

This colorful mural came about in 2017, with artwork for the wall by Rory Allen of Zoom Copy. It’s a gorgeous tribute to Gord Downie. His words speak: “No dress rehearsal, this is our life”… Doesn’t that just say it all? There was no other mural considered for Erin’s location. He’s missed every day, but his influence will never fade away. There was no other poet in the universe like him. (Read more about this one here.)

…and now for a peek behind the scenes:

We had a blast getting out in our city, exploring, researching + collaborating as a team. This felt like the perfect way to reintroduce ourselves. We love you, Buffalo!