crown X Music is Art

Saturday, September 9th, the 15th annual Music is Art festival took over Buffalo Riverworks. The Music is Art Festival has always been a free event highlighting the artistic talents of individuals + groups from within our Western New York community.  The Festival has become Buffalo’s most extensive exhibition of local art, dance, and music, drawing over 20,000 throughout the day. This multi-sensory event is part concert, part bazaar, street fair + art gallery. MIA is an amazing organization which mentors artists young + old, holds instrument drives, and exposes people from every walk of life to the freedom of art. Check them out!

This year, when founder Robby Takac told us we could do whatever type of performance we wanted, we brought some crown flair to MIA. Almost anyone who's been in crown has seen our "wall of inspiration" in the restroom- a rotating collection showcasing some of the hair that has shaped our craft the most. Chelsey had a genius idea that we should recreate some of the looks, and MIA was the perfect setting for this! We cast models which are our salon guests + friends. Photographer Kelsey Jelowski captured our final looks, styled and posed similar to our original inspirations. It was awesome having so many models (and crown team) volunteer, come bare-faced in plain clothes, then get transformed live as Festival-goers looked on.

Here's what happened...

David Bowie, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Janis Joplin, June Carter + Johnny Cash, Kid Rock, Lemmy, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Shirley Manson, the Spice Girls, and Willie Nelson.

(The inspiration shots are included below to compare to our reproductions.)

wardrobe - models' own

hair - Erin, Grace, Chelsey, Julia

makeup - Katie, Courtney

photography - Kelsey Jelowski

reference images - Google

...til next year, MIA!

crown X the Left Brain Group

The team at crown + extended hair fam enjoyed a cutting collective hosted by Dante Pronio. A Philly native residing in NYC, Dante joined the Left Brain Group in order to share his passion for detail. He's worked with hair legends Howard McLaren of R+Co and Bumble+bumble, the V76 men's grooming team, and Christiaan to name a few.

At crown, we had the idea to save all the profits from our "merch" sales in order to supplement our team's education. Every time you pick up a shirt, hat, enamel pin, koozie- You're directly supporting the learning that benefits your own hair! Stay up-to-date with what we create, as most items are limited runs.

(video by Chris Ferguson)

Stylists new + seasoned all took something away from this class. Though laid-back + cool, Dante's brain is always mapping out the next step of each cut. Learning some of his sectioning techniques as well as variations on tool use made a huge difference. We concentrated on letting the cut speak for itself, styling with our hands + very minimal product. Bona Fide Texture Spray proved again to be a favorite, but this time as a cutting lotion.

...always looking forward to hosting our next educational event. Thank you from all of us at crown, for supporting us!

open eyes, every time

In addition to the hair team, we have select times available with some talented estheticians, makeup + lash artists. We're proud to announce that Kristine will be regularly offering facial waxing. She can really open up your eyes with the perfect brow shape. Courtney is a skilled makeup artist, also certified in lash extensions. You can also catch her microblading at Arboreal Ink. There are so many ways to enhance your eyes at crown.

(above) lash extensions by Courtney

"Eyelash extension services can take up to 2 hours and require you to have them filled every 2-4 weeks, but the results are far more noticeable. It is important that you care for you lash extensions by only using oil-free make up + cleansers near the eyes. If you would like to have eyelash extensions just for a special event- like a wedding or vacation- we can remove them for you when you are finished or do one-day-wear lashes. If you have very sensitive eyes, bad eye allergies, or frequent eye infections, neither choice may be right for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call and talk to us.

FAQ - lash extensions

Why lash extensions?

"As a makeup artist, I’ve watched the industry change so much - from full coverage matte makeup, to natural + dewy, we’ve moved to embracing what we see right when we wake up, with a little help of course!

Lash extensions are the perfect way to wake up ready, or add extra drama + ease if you have a glam routine. There’s no need for mascara, curlers, false lashes and glue… lash extensions cut down your makeup time & give you a wide awake look instantly. With an offering of classic, volume + colored styles, we have something for everyone."

Will they damage my natural lashes?

"No. When applied correctly + removed correctly (with proper aftercare from you!)  they should not damage natural lashes. I am certified to apply lashes that are the proper weight and length for your own lashes! No pulling, drooping, clumping or damaged lashes. If you do decide to part with your lashes, please book an appointment to have them properly removed."

Will I lose lashes?

"Yes. Just as you normally lose them. Your aftercare card will explain the lash growth cycle. When you lose a natural lash, the extension attached to it goes with it! This is normal and no cause for concern. We recommend keeping up on fills to keep a full look!"

What lines + methods do you use?

"When choosing a company for certification + product lines - quality is key. 

I have narrowed my lashes and tools of the trade to the highest quality available, while being committed to supporting small lash brands here in the US.

I am certified through EBL Lash - a one woman owned company in Utah that has gained a cult following online for their cruelty free line up and rang of diverse artists. 

I also use Lash Tavern - another small business out of Arizona, an online retailer committed to the highest quality and offering an array of color lashes +cutting edge styles, they strive for excellence and it definitely sets them apart.

Lash adhesives are cruelty free as well + cured with a nanometer to minimize any chance or irritation and ensure long wear."

Why synthetic “mink” lashes vs real mink?

"I use high quality PBT fiber lashes as opposed to a mink lash for several reasons

1. These lashes are machine curled - meaning uniformity and longevity in their curl. Mink lashes often are curled by hand - and can be inconsistent.

2. Allergies - the risk of allergic reaction when using mink fiber, as it’s from an animal, is much higher than synthetic “mink”. For me - its all about the comfort of the lash set. You shouldn’t have to worry about an added allergy factor.

3. Color! The BLACKEST black, and rainbow colors for those who want to make a statement with their lashes just like their hair. No mascara needed, your synthetic mink lashes are rich & consistent in their color.

4. CRUELTY FREE! These lashes are better quality, and no animals involved! Vegan friendly + a perfect compliment to all the vegan offerings here at crown."

What styles do you offer?

"We can work together to achieve your ideal look + shape. Lash extensions allow us to widen, lengthen, and accentuate your eye shape in so many ways. From feathered, to cat eye, wide awake & sultry, there is a perfect shape for you."

What can I expect during my service?

"You can chat with me, or every service comes with a free nap if you prefer! Feel free to bring your headphones if you like and relax while I lash!"