Monthly Makeover!

April's winner was Ashley Desmond, a busy working mom looking for a change from her day-to-day look.  She was so much fun and open to absolutely anything! Ashley is a regular of crown's, and her hair was already in great shape, but she wanted a change from her typical style. Chelsey added some soft texture and wave to her strands, which exemplified "effortless."   I spoke with Ashley about what she's usually drawn to as far as colors for her makeup. She noted that she stays pretty neutral, so I suggested a pop of rusty red tones  to make her green-blue eyes pop.  

Get to know Ashley & her makeover experience a little more by reading on below!

 Where are you from? 

Hamburg, NY

Tell us a little about yourself & why you wanted this makeover. 

I’m a 32 year old working Mama who is looking for any excuse to have some “me time."  Mornings are hectic for anyone but trying to get ready with a toddler, a husband, and one bathroom is a challenge. While I might not be the best at makeup, I really enjoy that part of my morning. It’s quiet time, it’s me time and I can mess around with different technics. I was really looking forward to the makeover to try some new things (aka break away from my “nude” pallets) and learn a few new tricks from an expert!  

Who are your style or beauty icons?

I try not to get caught up with the uber, super fancy beauty icons because for me, it’s not obtainable. That being said I love using Instagram and Reddit to find real, every day people who are using the same products as I. Recently I bought the Tarte In Bloom palette, but I have no idea what color combos to use. I searched the palette in the R/MakeupAddiction subreddit and found a handful of tutorials that were so easy even I could do it!

What is something, or a few things, you like about yourself?

Physically, I like my eyes. They have a bit of green to them which I like. I’m also appreciating the shape of my eyebrows after our consultation!

Have you ever had any funny fashion or  beauty faux pas? Like, shaving off your eyebrows, too much eyeliner, etc?

Oh boy, remember the early 2000s when bright eyeshadow was all the rage? I used to wear this line of Ben Nye eyeshadow which was legitimately made for clowns.

How do you feel after your makeover? 

AMAZING. First and foremost, it was so nice hanging out with you and Chelsey for a bit. I felt like a celebrity getting my hair and makeup done at the same time. When I walked out of the salon I felt hella confident. And although I have since washed away the makeup and hairstyle, I’m still riding that confidence high!

Do you have any personal daily mantras/affirmations you’d like to share? 

Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I use this train of thought often when taking the initiative at work, or putting myself out there on a limb. 


We'd like to thank Ashley for being another awesome, open participant in our Monthly Makeover series! It's really our pleasure to have the opportunity to give back to our guests new & old.  May's winner will be picked May 30th, so there's still time to enter!