Monthly Makeover!

For our latest installment of Monthly Makeover, we're featuring winner Colleen O'Connor. Not only was Colleen new to crown, but she's also new to Buffalo! Colleen entered our contest looking to update her look, and maybe go a little more bold than she's used to. She is no stranger to makeup, but usually stayed toward neutral tones, so I was eager to try a new look on her for a night out with her fiancé! For Colleen's makeup, we went for a subtley smokey purple eye that was extended out into a cat eye-like shape to try something new. When it came to her hair, Colleen noted that she normal wears it in curls, but was up to trying a new style. Chelsey gave her an enviable relaxed beach wave that complimented the features of her face.   

Below are some questions we asked Colleen to get to know her a little more.

Where are you from?

Originally from Toledo, Ohio but now a Buffalo girl!

Tell us a little about yourself & why you wanted this makeover.

Since moving to Buffalo I have been in a rut. I'm job hunting so most of my time is spent at home in sweats and no makeup. And when I do go out, I do a full face of makeup but I do the exact same thing pretty much all the time (and for the past five years or so). I needed a way to step out of my comfort zones and saw this as a great opportunity!

Who are your style or beauty icons? 

Always, Audrey Hepburn, I love classic, simple style. But, I also love Rihanna, she can pull anything off and I think we all aspire to that! (although, I will probably never achieve it, haha) **We think you can, Colleen!!**

What is something, or a few things, you like about yourself?

I like my nose and my eyes... but I also like that I am a creative person!

Have you ever had any funny fashion or beauty faux pas? Like, shaving off your eyebrows or too much eyeliner, etc.

Well, I did rock the "sperm" eyebrows for a while but the funniest thing ever was when I decided to at-home wax my stache and ended up waxing off my skin. I had a scab that looked exactly like a ridiculous mustache for like a month... my sister thought it was hilarious.

How do you feel after your makeover?

I feel great! I can't believe how my whole face pops just by adding color to my eyes! I can't wait to add this idea into my everyday makeup!

Do you have any personal daily mantras or affirmations you’d like to share? 

Life's a party, rock your body... inspired by the great Marcel the Shell with shoes on. 

As always, we'd like to thank Colleen for her participation and openness in our Monthly Makeover series. Monthly Makeover will be taking a hiatus during the busy summer months, but stay tuned to our social media for announcements to come! I'd like to personally thank each person who entered this contest or entered on behalf of a loved one. I was touched by the candidness that filled my inbox each month, and it serves as a reminder that we are all more the same than different. I encourage anyone who's thinking of trying something new to just go for it! Beauty is fun and completely up to you, enjoy it.