Monthly Makeover!

Another month another makeover! This time around it's Rachel Scott! The last time we saw Rachel was almost a year ago for a wedding she was in, and that was also the last time this busy mom and nurse had had her makeup done, which made it all the more exciting for everyone involved. Luckily, we caught Rachel on a rare day off from her usual routine, and she was properly glammed for a Saturday date night. Rachel has gorgeous eyes and smile, so we focused on a sultry eye look and highlighting her enviable cheekbones for the makeup. She noted that she normally wears her hair naturally curly, so on Frankie's last day with us (still crying), he gave her his signature bombshell waves and an updated part. 

Below are some questions we asked Rachel to get to know her better.

Where are you from?

I am from a small town in NY called Swain.

Tell us a little about yourself & why you wanted this makeover.

I am a super busy mom of two beautiful little girls, I go to RN school and I work full time . I do not get a lot of time to myself so this was a wonderful way get a little pampering.

Who are your style or beauty icons? 

I really don’t have any beauty or style icons. I tend to be drawn to classic looks and accentuating natural beauty.

What is something, or a few things, you like about yourself?

I love my eyes and my smile .. mostly I love being a mom to my girls.

Have you ever had any funny fashion or beauty faux pas? Like, shaving off your eyebrows or too much eyeliner, etc.

I had some pretty awful bangs back in the day that I used to burn on my curling iron daily . I also have went through a punk rock phase that involved a lot of black eyeliner.

How do you feel after your makeover?

I felt beautiful after my makeover, it really brightened my mood all day .. it’s incredible to see your face transform. I wish I could do it to myself every day.

Do you have any personal daily mantras or affirmations you’d like to share? 

Be the light, choose happy ;)


We'd like to thank Rachel for her openness and participating in our Monthly Makeover series. Stay tuned, another winner has been picked!