pride 2017

We're elated to have been part of Pride Buffalo 2017. Never in our lives has there been a more important year to be out in our community supporting one another.

Pride in general is close to our hearts. We support acceptance, solidarity, safety, openness, and education. Social obstacles have hindered so many we love. Time to show all the love we have to give.

Crown is the first gender-neutral-priced hair space in Buffalo. (Will the industry ever change?) It's baffled us for years that stereotypes have dictated pricing. No stylist wants to explain to a guest in their chair that their receipt may state the wrong pronoun, or why their gender gets auto-priced. A bunch of ladies get fades just as a bunch of guys out there have long hair. Why does classifying only as "women's cut" or "men's cut" dictate whether someone pays $50 or $30?! Insane. We sculpt hair on a head, when it comes down to it. Who people choose to identify as should not dictate their service cost automatically, period.  It should be all about the work involved.

We chose to celebrate diversity + strength on Sunday, June 4th with our best friends. Thanks to Nick for driving the rainbow pony truck! Thank you also to our goodie bag sponsors goodDYEyoung, Wella, Bona Fide, Stupid Rad Merch, and Planned Parenthood. Two of the few hundred goodie bags tossed out last Sunday contain $50 gift certificates. We wonder who got them!

These are some of our fave photos from the day. (Last photo is from the Buffalo News.)

Buffalo, we love you.

It's cool to be kind.

<3 crown crew.